CONTENTS  2004; Vol. 10, No.1

 The immunologic interventions in patients with bronchial asthma and COPD
 T. Płusa
...... 5


The influence of powder budesonide (Pulmicort Turbuhaler®) on serum leptin level and lipid profile in asthmatic children
Z. Doniec, K. Pierzchała-Koziec, W. Tomalak, R. Kurzawa  ...... 10 

The effect of tripholide on airway responsiveness for guinea pig asthma models; the role of hypodense eosinophils
Wang Changzheng, Guo Xiangjian ....... 15 

Effect of inhaled pirenzepine and ipratropium bromide on ventilation parameters in patients with asthma
M. Krasnowska, A.M. Fal, E. Jagiełło ...... 18 

Effectiveness of fluticasone propionate in nasal polyps treatment
D. Jurkiewicz, B. Zielnik-Jurkiewicz, A. Wojdas .......  22 

Clinical study of ulcerative colitis treated by integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine
Wang Hong-bin, Jin Hong-wei .......  25 

Induction of apoptosis in mouse type II alveolar epithelial cells by LPS does not require TNF-a
Yong Song, Yi Shi, Alden H. Harken, Xianzhong Meng ......  28 

Recruitment of eosinophils, activation of T cell and IgE production in small intestinal mucosa of food hypersensitivity
X. P. Lin, S. R. Ma, R. M. Pan, F. L. Cong ......  33

CONTENTS  2004; Vol. 10, No.2

The role of metalloproteinases, their inhibitors and ADAM 33 gene in bronchial asthma pathogenesis  
R. Rożyńska, T. Płusa .. 43


Glucocorticosteroid resistance in asthma is associated with decreased expression of 
H2 and H3 histamine receptors mRNA
T. Żak-Nejmark, J. Małolepszy, A. Jonkisz, K. Wytrychowski, T. Dobosz, G. Nadobna..  46

The evaluation of morphometry of bronchial basement membrane and airways cell profile in stable mild asthmatic children
R. Kurzawa, E. Czarnobilska, Z. Doniec, K. Gil, A. Wójcik, Z. Chłap, K. Pisiewicz ..  50

Surgical treatment of nasal obstruction in allergic and non-allergic rhinitis
A. Wojdas, B. Zielnik-Jurkiewicz, P. Rapiejko, D. Kenig, G. Kamiński  55 

The effect of oral β-glucan in addition to systemic chemotherapy on the leukocyte values and oral mucositis in the patients with head-neck tumors
C. Papila, M. Caner, I. Papila, H. Yanardag, H. Cansiz .. 59

Inefficient killing of Enferococcus faecalis by human monocytes and polymorphonuclear granulocytes
E. Zuba, M. Kawalec, K. Węglarczyk, W. Hryniewicz, J. Pryjma .. 62  


A case of anaphylactic shock after a bumblebee sting
J. Gocki, Z. Bartuzi, M. Graczyk, M. Żbikowska-Gotz, K. Romańska-Gocka, 
A. Dziedziczko .. 71  


Helicobacter pylori and allergy      Z. Bartuzi .. 74

Immunological bases of multiple sclerosis      P. Łyczak, K. Szabat.. 79 

CONTENTS  2004; Vol. 10, No.3


Exhaled breath condensate as a new tool for evaluation of airway inflammation
M.J. Mierzejewska, K. Jahnz-Różyk ...87


Threshold pollen concentration necessary to evoke allergic symptoms
P. Rapiejko, A. Lipiec, A. Wojdas, D. Jurkiewicz  ...91 

Immunity against tetanus in Poland
J. Walory, P. Grzesiowski, S. Szafraniec, W. Hryniewicz ...95

Pathergy test. Application to intertriginous sites reveals more severe reaction
E. Pekmezci   ...99

Powder budesonide decreases plasma level of native and cryptic met-enkephalin in asthmatic children
Z. Doniec, K. Pierzchała-Koziec, W. Tomalak, D. Nowak, R. Kurzawa ...105


CONTENTS  2004; Vol. 10, No.4


Inflammation as response to lung injury by occupational asthmogens may be modulated by nervous system
W. Lutz, C. Pałczyński, M. Tarkowski ... 115 


Antibacterial and antifungal activity of purified baicalin
M. Karyński, P. Grzesiowski, M. Krotkiewski... 124 

Assessment of the efficacy of vaccination against pertussis in prematurely born infants after the full series of basal immunization
J. P. Sikora, A. Sikora, D. Chlebna-Sokół... 128 

Cytokine release by keratinocytes in in vitro exposure to nickel and cadmium salts
M. Tarkowski, B. Kur, W. Lutz... 133

Differentiation of potentials of chemicals to induce allergic or irritant contact dermatitis
M. Tarkowski, B. Kur, W. Lutz... 141

CONTENTS  2005; Vol. 11, No.1


Diagnostic and prognostic value of telomerase activity assay in lung cancer
T. Targowski, K. Jahnz-Różyk     5    


Can nasal ECP help to predict clinical outcome of specific immunotherapy in mite-allergic rhinitis patients?
M. Branco Ferreira, A. Spinola Santos, M.C. Pereira Santos, M.L. Palma Carlos, M.A. Pereira Barbosa, A.G. Palma Carlos      10

The development of immunological method of Alt a 1 allergen detection 
P. Rapiejko, S. Białek, A. Lipiec, A. Wojdas, K. Domański, B. Samoliński   19

The levels of proinflammatory cytokines in cervicovaginal fluid of pregnant women - relationship with vaginal microflora
M. Wasiela, A. Pietrzak, J. Kalinka, E. Brzezińska-Błaszczyk      23

Expression of mRNA for cytokines released by Th1 and Th2 subpopulations of CD4 lymphocytes in patients with chronic hepatitis C
M. Pawłowska, W. Halota    29


Adverse reactions to iodinated contrast media - an update
D. Jenerowicz, M. Czarnecka-Operacz     33

CONTENTS  2005; Vol. 11, No.2

The "hygiene hypothesis" of allergic diseases
A. Franas     41


Influence of influenza vaccinations on serum eotaxin concentration in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 
T. Targowski, K. Jahnz-Różyk, T. Płusa, L. Brydak, M. Machała     46 

Asthma and thalassemia minor - a possible connection 
A. G. Palma-Carlos, M. L. Palma-Carlos        51 

Evaluation of the number of IgE-binding cells in gastric mucosa in patients with peptic ulcer and with or without food allergy 
Z. Bartuzi, J. Gocki, C. Popławski        55 


Pathogenesis and immune response in enterococcal endocarditis. Nosocomial infectious endocarditis 
M.E. Strycharczyk, L. Markuszewski, A. Denys     59

Difficulties with assessment of the role of bacteria in bronchial asthma and COPD M. Hałasa, J. Hałasa    66

Immunomodulatory properties of macrolides and fluoroquinolones 
T. Targowski, R. Rożyńska    71

CONTENTS  2005; Vol. 11, No.3


Intracellular signaling pathways, activating or inhibiting immune system cells. Molecular mechanisms generating activating 
signaling pathways of phagocytes mediated by Fc- and TLR-receptors
R.M. Khaitov, V.M. Man'ko, A.A. Yarilin ................ 79


ECP and tryptase concentration in blood serum in patients with atopic asthma during the period of exacerbation and stability of clinical symptoms
E. Kremplewska-Należyta, A. Dziedziczko, M. Żbikowska-Gotz, M. Przybyszewski, Z. Bartuzi,
A. Wojtaszek .....91

Thyroid autoantibodies in chronic urticaria
A. G. Palma-Carlos, M. L. Palma-Carlos, F. Tengarrinha .......................... 96

Allergic diseases among high school students with sick building syndrome in the background 
H. Trzcińska, A. Dziedziczko ............................................ 99

Clearance of HBV serologic markers in children as a putative result of HCV superinfection
M. Pawłowska, W. Halota .................................................. 104 

Evaluation of immunogenicity of parenteral inactivated poliomyelitis vaccine in preterm infants
J.P. Sikora, D. Chlebna-Sokół, A. Sikora, W. Sabanty ....................... 108

Social and economic conditions of family life and prevalence of diseases with atopic background
K. Faleńczyk, B. Cegła, E. Barczykowska, Z. Barcuzi ....................... 113


Sick building syndrome in the light of contemporary research
H. Trzcińska, A. Dziedziczko .................................. 118

CONTENTS  2005; Vol. 11, No.4


Staphylococcal infections in patients with immunodeficiency 
M. Broda, A. Denys   ... 125


Expression of intracellular cytokine receptors IL-4 and IFN-y in subpopulations of peripheral blood T-lymphocytes in patients with seasonal allergic rhinitis 
W Stankiewicz, A. Chciałowski, A. Wojdas, A. Stasiak-Barmuta, S. Dudko, P. Rapiejko ... 133

Concentration of soluble platelet-endothelial cell adhesion molecule-1 (sPECAM-1) and level of spontaneous neutrophil chemiluminescence in patients with atopic asthma within periods of exacerbation and remission of disease
A. Dziedziczko, M. Żbikowska-Gotz, Z. Bartuzi, M. Przybyszewski   ...140

Function of neutrophils measured by chemiluminescence in patients with atopic asthma within period of exacerbation and remission of disease
M. Żbikowska-Gotz, A. Dziedziczko, M. Przybyszewski, Z. Bartuzi    ...145


Nanobacteria - the role in human infectious pathology
T. Jeske, A. Denys   ...151